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Last modified: April 30, 2020
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Click New and enter the client information. First name and Last name are mandatory fields marked with a *.

The personal ID field is disabled if you have not requested access to it. Many organisations have also linked their medical records system to PhysioTools. This means that their clients’ data comes directly from their medical records system. and does not have to be added directly into PhysioTools.

Default language can be selected from the drop-down list. If you choose the client’s native language, the instructional texts for the exercises that you choose for the client’s exercise program will automatically be in that chosen language, provided that the selected exercises are available in that language.

It is not necessary to make this choice here as you can change the language of the instructional texts later on the Edit page.

Email: enter your client’s email address to enable you to send exercise programs via email.

If you want to be able to send exercise programs directly to the Physiotools Trainer client app the email address must be added.

Email consent: tick if your client has agreed for their email address to be stored.

Physiotools Trainer client app: tick if your client has agreed to receive their exercise programs directly to our free client app.

If the client does not already have the Physiotools Trainer client app installed, an email will be provided with information on how this is done the first time you send an exercise program to them.

Site shows the site that you, as a user, are logged into. If you belong to more than one site, you can select your other sites from the drop-down list.

Created by and Date created shows who created the client and when.

In the Notes field you can enter other relevant information about the client.

Visibility lets you set who can see the exercise program.

For creator only: only you can see the programs you create.

For site where created: your colleagues who belong to the same site as you can see all exercise programs.

For all: anyone who has access to your installation can see all exercise programs created by you.

Status shows whether the client is active or archived. An active client is searchable directly in the search form on the left. To find archived clients, you have to look to the left in the search form under the heading Search from select Archived and active clients.

All documented exercise programs are shown under the heading Documented exercise sets. Other information displayed is:  Date, by  Title, Value and Status (Signed, Draft and Voided). Clicking on an exercise program enables you to Print and Copy & Edit .

If you have activated and sent an exercise program to the Physiotools Trainer client app, a value corresponding to how well the client carried out prescribed exercises will appear below the button in the list of exercise programs.

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