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Last modified: April 30, 2020
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If the client is not already saved in Physiotools, begin by adding the client to the system (see Adding a client).

If you have linked your medical record system to Physiotools, this happens automatically when you go through your medical record system.

Searching for clients

The Find clients search facility is found on the left side of the Clients page.

Type the client’s name, or part of it, in the search field at the top left. Click on the magnifying glass or press Enter on your keyboard to perform the search.

Show unsigned only is an administrative function. Tick this box to find all clients who have saved exercise programs that have not yet been signed.

Show Order allows you to change the order of your search result.

Search from lists either only active clients or active and archived clients.

Find my clients by date gives you quick access to all clients you have seen over the last 7, 14, 21, or 28 days. Infinity buttonshows all your clients. X clears the filter.

The search results window that appears at the bottom left of the search form lists the names of the clients that matched your search criteria.

Click on the client’s name to display the full client information in the main window.

The selected client’s name appears as the Current client (top left of the Clients page).

This is shown on every page and indicates that you have an active client selected.

Editing client information

To the right of the client page is a series of buttons for managing your current client.

Clear deselects the current client and allows you to choose another one.

New allows you to create a new client record.

Edit allows you to edit the current client’s information.

There are additional buttons that appear when you click on the Edit button:

Save your new client or edited information. The selected client is now shown after Current client at the top left of the page.

Cancel This will cancel any changes that have been made during the current editing action – no altered data will be saved.

Delete allows you to remove the client and all data related to the client from the system. A warning dialog box appears with this information after you click, allowing you to cancel the process.

Important! The Delete button is only available for administrators and only where your organisation has requested the function to be enabled.


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