Changing and saving instructional text

Last modified: April 30, 2020
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Select one of your chosen exercises to see the instructional text at the bottom of the page, (see image below).

Change text

Default text shows the text that was created by the author of the exercise. You can change this text for the current exercise program. Changes will be included in the current exercise program but not saved permanently.  The next time you use the exercise, the original text will show.

Add User text allows you to save your own instructional text for an exercise so that it always appears as default when you use that exercise. Type your text then click the Save user text button. To return to the default text, click on the Remove user text button.

Only you will see the saved text changes, not your colleagues.

No text allows you to present the exercise without any text.

You can use common formatting features such as bold underline and italics.

+ New value allows you to add additional values to the instructional text.

When sending to the Physiotools Trainer client app, it is important to use these values and not to type your own.

Add phrase, allows you to add a phrase that you often use; your phrase will be added to the drop down menu so that you can re-access it quickly later.

 ​To specify a range for a value, first type a numeric value directly followed by a hyphen, this will allow you to add a second value.

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