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Last modified: April 30, 2020
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The following functions at the bottom left of the page are available for editing exercises:

Video On Edit PageIf this button is shown,  the exercise contains a video that illustrates the exercise. The video will be available to your clients if you send the exercise program as an email or directly to the Physiotools Trainer client app.

Mirror image button Flip the images to show either right or left side (mirror the image).

Rotate Button Rotate the image by 90 degrees.

Edit Image Button Add shapes – for example arrows, circles, and squares.

Line Drawing And Photo Button  Switch the image between line drawing and colour.

By right-clicking on the button you can switch all images directly to line drawing or colour image.

 takes you back to the Exercises page.

Preview Page Button  takes you to the Preview page. On this page, you can select different layout options for printing, emailing, sending to the app and saving as a template or as a PDF.

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