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Last modified: March 10, 2021
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Select an exercise or template for your current exercise program by clicking on the image or line for the template. Once selected, an exercise is marked with a green frame around the image.

Each selected exercise appears as a thumbnail at the bottom of the page. If you have a lot of images you can scroll through your selection, either using the mouse scroll function or, by dragging the scroll list to the right of the search result on the page.

You can clear individual thumbnails by clicking on the X at the top right of each image or clear all the exercises by clicking on the Clear all exercises button to the right.

You can change the order of the exercises by using click, drag and drop. If this function is not available to you, you can click on the menu button Menu Buttonon the respective image and select Move forward or Move backward.

Individual exercises – more details

More information about each exercise may be found in the Exercises menu.

More information

Click on the menu button Menu Button to:

Show text and other properties: name of the exercise, instructional text, Search words, unique ID, source, language versions.

Frequently chosen together: Finds exercises that are frequently chosen together with this exercise.

Make a copy of the exercise (you may wish to use the image with different text and maybe add shapes etc).

If it is an image that you have uploaded to Physiotools yourself, the menu will include the options Edit and Delete.

Information ButtonClicking on this button will Show text and other properties.

Video ButtonClicking on the video button  starts the video sequence that demonstrates the correct performance of the exercise.

More exercises A digit button placed within the exercise shows that there are a corresponding number of exercises that are connected. Click on the exercise and all the related exercises are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Recently added exercises

Exercises that have been recently added to Physiotools, either by Physiotools, uploaded by yourself or another member of  your organization, are displayed with the word New in the image for a month. You can quickly see all exercises that are classified as New using the categories. Select: Interest – New exercises.

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