Therapist’s Guide to PT Momentum app

Last modified: June 19, 2019
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Therapist’s Guide to PT Momentum app

What is PT Momentum?

People are not always motivated to do the exercises they have been prescribed and therefore the PT Momentum app has been designed to add an element of fun to encourage your clients to reach a daily exercise target.  PT Momentum is an app for smartphones / tablets developed to make it easier for your clients to reach their training goals. Simply create and send an exercise program to your clients mobile device and PT Momentum monitors the client’s execution of the program, presenting the result in Physiotools as a numeric value between 0 – 100 and in the form of a colour code. PT Momentum can also remind the client when it is time to carry out their exercises. As a user of Physiotools, you will be able to follow the client’s training activity when PT Momentum automatically returns the results to Physiotools.

PT Momentum works with iPhone and devices that have Android operating systems. The app can be downloaded free of charge by your clients from the App Store or Google Play.

How to send a training program to PT Momentum

Log in to your Physiotools Online account.

Go to the Clients page and search for a previously registered client or register a new client.

Make sure that a correct e-mail address is specified for the client and check the box PT Momentum app. Click on Save.

Client Page

Click on Exercises  and select the exercises that will be included in the program, edit the exercises either on the Edit page or directly on the Print preview page.

In the upper part of either the Edit or Print preview page, select the Training start date, Training period and type in a Title of exercise set in the appropriate fields.  Add the relevant values ​​for each exercise such as number of repetitions, weights etc.

Edit page

To send the training program, go to the Print Preview page. Check that the exercise program is as you want it and make any necessary changes. When you have finished, click on the Email And App Buttonbutton

A window opens that lets you choose whether you want to send the training program via regular e-mail and / or directly to the PT Momentum app. Normally you only select PT Momentum here.

PT Momentum and Email

After you click OK, you will be asked how you want to document the exercise program. It is very important that you click on Save and sign for the exercise program to be sent to the  PT Momentum client app

You are then be automatically directed to the client information page where you will see that the program has been sent to the PT Momentum app.

How does your client use the PT Momentum app

If your client has not already installed the app onto their smartphone or tablet, they will automatically receive instructions via email on how to download and install it. Depending on which operating system the client has on their mobile device, they should go either to the App Store or Google Play to download the PT Momentum app.

Once the client logs in, they will find the training program on the app. In addition, the client will be reminded when it is time to carry out their exercises via the notification function in the mobile device.

How do you as the therapist follow the client’s exercise activity

As the creator of an exercise program, you can follow your client’s training activity on the Clients page in PhysioTools. The PT Momentum icon Momentum button under the heading Documented exercise sets is shown in green and a tick indicates that the program was sent to the PT Momentum app. When the client begins to execute their exercises in the program and confirms, after each exercise, that it is completed, the green icon will be converted to a numerical value between 0-100. This Momentum value indicates how well the client has performed their prescribed exercises. The value will be 100 if the client has completed all the exercises within the time frame that you defined for the training program. A value between 0-25 indicates a low activity from the client. The numeric values ​​are also indicated by a colour code as follows:

Red: Low values ​​from 0-25

Orange: Values ​​between 26-50 indicate that less than half of the prescribed exercises have been performed within the specified time interval.

Light green: Values ​​between 51-75 indicate that most of the exercises have been completed.

Green: Values ​​between 76-100 indicate that the client has successfully completed specified exercises in the program.

The above values ​​should only be seen as a guideline, not an absolute science and the so-called momentum values ​​should be regarded as a basis for discussion during a follow-up.

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